Wednesday 28 April 2010

The Side Altar: Use it!

Courtesy of Rorate Caeli reporting on a conference held between 12th to 16th April by the Latin Mass Society in England and Wales (LMS) to train priests in the celebration of the Extraordinary form of Mass and traditional liturgy; a conference held in Ushaw College, the seminary for the dioceses of the north of England, we see this image of a Private Mass being said in a side chapel that, only last year, was being used to store a drum kit.

How many churches and cathedrals in our own day have glorious side altars that continue to go unused.  Given Catholic belief that the altar represents to body of Christ, too, what does thistell us?


Sunday 4 April 2010

A Blessed Easter!

Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum, alleluia: posuisti super me manum tuam, alleluia: mirabilis facta est scientia tua, alleluia, alleluia   Ps: Domine, probasti me, et cognonvisti me: tu cognovisti sessionm meam, et resurrectionem meam.  Gloria Patri...

I arose, and am still with Thee, alleluia; Thou hast laid Thy hand upon Me, alleluia; Thy knowledge is become wonderful, alleluia, alleluia.  Ps: Lord, Thou hast searched Me, and known Me; Thou knowest My sitting down and My rising up.  Glory be to the Father...

- Introit (Psalm 138. 18, 5, 6); Easter Sunday