Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How to do the Offertory Chants?

This is one way: the more complicated, but authentic.

This exceedingly rare book appeared in 1935 to provide the complete offertory verses for the Offertory chant in the Roman Rite of Mass.

Note that these are not Psalm tones but thoroughly composed chants that add a beautiful dimension to the chant at this point in Mass.

It is a much-valued addition to the CMAA's liturgical library, applicable to the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms.

Buy it here and/or download it for free from here [http://musicasacra.com/books/offertoriale1935.pdf]

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Bud Clark said...

You really need the later "Offertoriale Triplex" from Solesmes. The added neums above and below the "normal" notation give me a headache (g), BUT ... the editor corrects a lot (but not ALL) of Dom Karl's errors in the 1935 Offertoriale.